WXT Perks (X-Tras): Quantifying the Value of Wirex X-Tras

2 min readJan 18, 2024


Wirex, a leading cryptocurrency platform, offers a unique rewards program called WXT Perks, also known as X-Tras. This program incentivizes users to hold and utilize the platform’s native token, WXT, by providing them with various benefits and exclusive perks. This article delves into the intricacies of X-Tras, analyzing its different aspects and showcasing real-world use cases to demonstrate its value proposition.

Understanding X-Tras Tiers and Benefits:

X-Tras operates through a tiered system, with four membership levels: Starter, Essential, Premium, and Elite. Each tier unlocks progressively higher rewards and benefits, catering to diverse user needs and spending habits.

  • Starter: This entry-level tier offers basic benefits like cryptoback rewards on everyday purchases and discounts on select partner services.
  • Essential: This tier elevates the rewards, increasing the cryptoback percentage and providing access to exclusive discounts, bonus interest on WXT holdings in X-Accounts, and free ATM withdrawals.
  • Premium: This tier unlocks the maximum cryptoback potential, along with all Essential benefits, free international bank transfers, and priority customer support.
  • Elite: The top tier grants the ultimate rewards package, including the highest cryptoback rates, all Premium benefits, and additional perks like cashback on bill payments and bonus rewards for staking WXT.

Case Studies:

To understand the tangible benefits of X-Tras, let’s consider two case studies:

Case Study 1:

John, a frequent traveler, uses the Wirex card for his everyday spending and travel expenses. As an Essential X-Tras member, he enjoys 2% cryptoback on all purchases. On a typical month, he spends $2,000, accumulating $40 worth of WXT. Additionally, he utilizes the free ATM withdrawals abroad, saving him bank charges. John also takes advantage of exclusive travel discounts, further maximizing his savings.

Case Study 2:

Mary, an active crypto investor, holds a significant portion of her portfolio in WXT. As a Premium X-Tras member, she earns 4% cryptoback on all purchases and receives a 10% annual bonus interest on her WXT holdings in an X-Account. This translates to $80 in cryptoback and $100 in bonus interest every month, assuming a $5,000 WXT holding and $2,000 in monthly spending.

Utility of WXT

X-Tras goes beyond simply offering rewards. It positions WXT at the heart of the Wirex ecosystem, integrating it into various functionalities:

  • Subscriptions: Pay for Wirex services like Wirex Protect and X-Card tiers using WXT at discounted rates.
  • Cryptoback™: Earn WXT back on everyday purchases made using the Wirex card.
  • Savings Bonuses: Boost your savings interest rates on X-Accounts by holding WXT.
  • Defi Integration: Wirex is actively exploring DeFi integration for WXT, potentially enabling staking and other DeFi functionalities.


WXT Perks (X-Tras) presents a compelling value proposition for Wirex users. By analyzing its tiered structure, benefits, and real-world use cases, we can see how X-Tras incentivizes WXT adoption and unlocks attractive rewards for users. As Wirex continues to expand its offerings and integrate WXT deeper into its ecosystem, X-Tras is poised to play an increasingly significant role in driving user engagement and platform adoption.