Wirex X-tras Loyalty Program for Crypto and Traditional Currency Users

3 min readNov 5, 2023

Wirex has created ways to maximize the benefits from one’s digital assets with its comprehensive loyalty program, Wirex X-tras. Designed to reward Wirex users, both crypto enthusiasts and traditional currency users, the program offers an array of benefits that can help you make the most of your financial transactions.

Cryptoback™ Rewards: Earning Crypto with Every Purchase

At the heart of the Wirex X-tras program lies one of its most enticing features — Cryptoback™ rewards. This unique offering allows you to earn up to 8% back in Wirex Tokens (WXT) on every purchase made with your Wirex card. The percentage of Cryptoback™ rewards you receive depends on the type of transaction and your X-tras tier, providing you with a straightforward way to accumulate cryptocurrency with your everyday spending.


Wirex understands the importance of growing your cryptocurrency holdings. With X-Accounts, the program offers interest-bearing accounts that enable you to earn annual interest on your WXT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum balances. The interest rates are determined by your X-tras tier and the amount of WXT you lock up in your account. This feature empowers users to make their crypto holdings work for them while enjoying the benefits of a traditional savings account.

Savings Bonuses:

In addition to Cryptoback™ rewards and X-Accounts, Wirex X-tras provides users with an annual savings bonus based on your WXT balance. The rate of this bonus is determined by your X-tras tier and the amount of WXT you have locked in your account. This bonus not only adds to your financial rewards but also serves as an extra incentive to actively manage your crypto assets.

Unique Merchant Offers:

Wirex has partnered with a variety of merchants to offer exclusive discounts and promotions to Wirex X-tras subscribers. These unique merchant offers can help you save money on a wide range of goods and services, including travel, dining, and entertainment. By participating in these exclusive promotions, Wirex users can enjoy additional value beyond traditional financial transactions.

Quick Assistance When You Need It

Wirex X-tras subscribers are also granted priority customer support, ensuring that assistance is readily available when you need it. This benefit includes access to a dedicated X-tras hotline, allowing you to quickly address any inquiries or issues related to your Wirex account or transactions. With this elevated level of customer support, you can experience enhanced peace of mind in your financial endeavors.

X-tras Subscription Plans: Premium and Elite for Enhanced Benefits

Wirex offers two X-tras subscription plans: Premium and Elite. Premium subscribers enjoy all the benefits of the free X-tras tier, enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards, X-Accounts interest rates, and savings bonuses. For those seeking even more comprehensive rewards, Elite subscribers receive all the Premium tier benefits and additional perks, including higher Cryptoback™ rewards, X-Accounts interest rates, savings bonuses, and exclusive access to events and experiences.

How to Get Started:

Enrolling in the Wirex X-tras program is a straightforward process. Simply create a Wirex account and complete the identity verification process. Once your account is verified, you can immediately begin earning Cryptoback™ rewards. To further enhance your Wirex X-tras experience, you can subscribe to one of the X-tras subscription plans by visiting the Wirex website or using the Wirex app. Choose the plan that aligns with your preferences and needs, and start enjoying the comprehensive benefits of Wirex X-tras.

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