Wirex Perks (X-Tras): A Rewards Program Powered by WXT

2 min readJan 22, 2024


Wirex, a popular cryptocurrency platform, offers a unique rewards program called X-Tras. This program is designed to incentivize users to hold and use the Wirex token (WXT).

There are three different X-Tras pricing tiers: Standard, Premium, and Elite. Each tier offers a different set of benefits, with the higher tiers offering more rewards and better perks. Some of the common benefits across all tiers include:

  • Cryptoback rewards: Earn WXT back on everyday purchases made using your Wirex card.
  • Interest on X-Accounts: Earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings in your X-Account.
  • Exclusive discounts: Get discounts on various services and products from Wirex partners.

The Premium and Elite tiers offer additional benefits such as:

  • Higher Cryptoback rates: Earn more WXT back on your spending.
  • Boosted interest rates: Earn higher interest on your X-Accounts.
  • Free ATM withdrawals: Enjoy a certain number of free ATM withdrawals per month.
  • Priority customer support: Get priority access to Wirex customer support.

WXT plays a central role in the X-Tras program. In addition to being used for rewards, WXT can also be used to pay for subscriptions and in-app P2P payments. Wirex is also working on integrating WXT with DeFi protocols, which could open up even more ways to earn rewards with WXT in the future.

Overall, the Wirex Perks (X-Tras) program is a great way to earn rewards and benefits for using Wirex and holding WXT. The program offers a variety of tiers to suit different needs and budgets, and the rewards can add up quickly. If you’re looking for a way to get more out of your Wirex experience, then X-Tras is definitely worth checking out.