Unlock the VIP Lane with WXT Perks: A Deep Dive into Wirex’s X-Tras

3 min readDec 24, 2023


Tired of loyalty programs that feel like a slap in the face with crumbs of rewards? Wirex’s X-Tras (WXT Perks) program flips the script, transforming loyalty into a passport to a financial VIP lounge. Let’s unpack what makes X-Tras so sizzling hot and how you can leverage it to maximize your crypto and fiat experience.

It’s not just a points-based system; it’s a transformative gateway to a world of enhanced financial tools and opportunities. This analysis delves deep into the uniqueness of X-Tras, dissecting its features, comparing it to its peers, and showcasing real-world examples of its potential impact.

X-Tras: A Multi-Tiered Playground of Value

Imagine a loyalty program with three floors, each one overflowing with sweeter perks. That’s X-Tras in a nutshell. There’s Standard, Premium, and Elite, each unlocked by holding varying amounts of the native $WXT token. The higher you climb, the juicier the rewards:

  • Cryptoback™: Earn back a piece of every purchase. Standard offers 0.5%, Premium bumps it to 1.5%, and Elite unlocks a mouthwatering 6% (on the Ultimate tier). Every swipe becomes a mini crypto-fiesta!
  • X-Accounts Interest: Boost your X-Account interest rates, turning your savings into a money-making machine. Standard delivers 2%, Premium doubles it to 4%, while Elite throws open the vault with a whopping 20% on the Ultimate tier. Watch your crypto multiply like magic!
  • Savings Bonus: This one’s exclusive to the Premium and Elite tiers, offering an extra percentage on top of your X-Accounts interest. Imagine the possibilities with Premium’s 3% bonus or Elite’s Ultimate tier, which explodes your rewards to a staggering 16%!
  • Fee Discounts: Say goodbye to highway robbery fees! Standard saves you 10% on exchange fees, Premium doubles it to 20%, and Elite’s Ultimate level grants a kingly 50% discount. Trading crypto becomes a frictionless joyride!

Let’s bring X-Tras to life through real-world scenarios:

  • The Tourist: Sarah, a frequent flyer, chooses the Premium X-Tras tier. Her spending on travel through Wirex cards earns her 1.5% Cryptoback™ in $WXT, which she deposits into her X-Account, earning an additional 4% annual interest. Over time, Sarah accumulates a growing stash of $WXT, potentially funding future trips or diversifying her crypto portfolio.
  • The Crypto Enthusiast: Alex, a crypto believer, opts for the Elite X-Tras tier. He locks a portion of his $WXT holdings to achieve the Ultimate level, unlocking a 6% Cryptoback™ and a staggering 20% X-Accounts interest. Alex effectively turns his everyday spending into a crypto-generating machine, accelerating his wealth accumulation goals.
  • The Student: David, a student focused on financial prudence, starts with the Standard X-Tras tier. He enjoys 0.5% Cryptoback™ on his expenses and utilizes the 2% X-Accounts interest to build an emergency fund in $WXT. This secure, interest-bearing cushion protects him from unexpected financial bumps while still providing him with crypto exposure.

Fueling the Engine: The Power of $WXT

The key to unlocking this treasure chest is $WXT, the native fuel of the Wirex ecosystem. By holding and staking it, you not only power your X-Tras journey but also contribute to the platform’s growth. It’s a win-win situation, where your loyalty fuels yours and Wirex’s success.

Is X-Tras Worth It?

If you’re looking for a loyalty program that doesn’t nickel and dime you, but showers you with tangible rewards, then X-Tras is a resounding yes. The tiered approach caters to different needs, and the sheer variety of benefits adds up to a compelling value proposition. Plus, the integration with $WXT creates a symbiotic relationship that aligns your interests with Wirex’s, a refreshing change in the often-opaque world of finance.

So, step into the Wirex X-Tras lounge and experience loyalty the way it should be: rewarding, exciting, and empowering. It’s time to ditch the crumbs and start feasting at the crypto VIP table.