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Unique Features of the Metasphere Metaverse by Heroes of NFTs

Heroes of NFT is a metaverse in which players can create their own Metasphere avatars, roam the universe, interact with other users, and trade Avalanche NFTs while playing play-to-earn games in battle arenas. Heroes of NFT gives gamers and investors the chance to be a part of the Metaverse, a megatrend that is shaping the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The goal of the project is to create a gaming and trading environment within the metaverse.

Users will be able to organize their own tournament events on the Metasphere, as well as rent out their HRO characters to other players. Metaspheres will also provide businesses with branding and marketing promotion opportunities via Metaverse ads that will be designed to redirect websites and other links.

Metasphere is a one-of-a-kind Metaverse with limited land. The term 'Metaspheres' is formed by combining the words 'Metaverse' and 'Atmosphere.' Owners of Metasphere space can sell or lease this land on the open market. In some ways, Metasphere Land is an investment tool. Metaspheres are similar to real-world landed properties in that you can start a business on them, rent them out, sell them, and even customize them to increase their value.

Metaspheres differs from what is currently available in the market in that the spaces are not simply plots of land where buildings and businesses are built, but rather items that provide unique utility to their owners. HRM generates revenue for landowners. NFT holders will be given first priority in becoming Metasphere owners, and NFT ownership will be required to own space within the Metasphere. Sales and transactions in the metasphere (land) will be conducted in the $HON token.

Activities will include launching the metaverse lobby screen, selling metasphere land, enabling the use of avatars, and launching the AR/VR applications as part of the process of functionally completing the Metasphere. Users of Metasphere will be able to create their own Avatar, as well as their own NFT stand where they can display and sell all of their NFTs from Avalanche projects. The avatar will be used to explore the Metasphere, visit neighbors, interact with other Avatars, and investigate their NFT stands. Users will be able to bid on other users' NFTs and make swap offers.

Heroes of NFT intends to constantly renew the arena design and create 3D versions of the characters as part of the Metasphere's future plans in order to make the gaming experience more realistic and effective. In-game voice chat and emoji chats are also planned to increase player interaction.

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