2 min readJun 20, 2022

The significance of ATTA's web3 streaming platform beta testing

A testnet is a process for testing a product before it is released to the general public. They use test coins, which have no value but look exactly like real coins. This method enables developers to test the platform's product without using actual coins.

Any serious cryptocurrency investor or developer should understand the distinction between a mainnet and a testnet, as well as when each should be used. Not understanding them or using them incorrectly may result in capital losses or reputational damage to a cryptocurrency.

Testing a feature allows developers to identify code errors and determine which programming is working properly and which is not. This enables them to identify the problem and the solution.

All new projects should be tested first. Users can thus remain completely separate from any "trial and error" operations, and developers can test all aspects of the blockchain prior to its launch.

Tokens from the Testnet are typically required for testing. A testnet token is a blockchain network that is used to run and test blockchains or blockchain projects before they are ready for public use. It is a simple way for programmers and developers to create, modify, and test the functionalities of their project before making it available to the public. Developers can use this area to troubleshoot problems and fix bugs.

The ATTA team has successfully released its beta version in accordance with the ATTA strategic roadmap for 2022 and deliverables for Q2.

Participants were given test guide documents that detailed and step-by-step processes ranging from claiming testnet tokens to task lists.

To earn popcorns, beta testers completed tasks and provided valuable feedback. Participants were emailed a one-time password or code to use on the testing website http://beta.atta.zone.

Because of the positive feedback, bug reports, and comments received during beta testing, it is safe to say that the ATTA web3 streaming platform is ready for launch.

ATTA members are now excited and looking forward to the release of the alpha version.

For more details:

Website: atta.zone
Telegram: https://t.me/attaofficialeng1
Discord: https://discord.gg/mMqPKAAUWC