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The role of ATTA in the evolution of blockchain-based video streaming

Video streaming has exploded in popularity due to its unique features that provide an enhanced visual media experience. People are shifting their entertainment preferences away from text and image-based formats and toward quick video illustrations.

Because of this major paradigm shift, video streaming is attracting significant internet traffic, contributing to a significant portion of online business. With the explosive growth of video streaming, there is a huge demand for network bandwidth and storage. Until now, centralized cloud servers have handled data storage, transmission, and streaming.

ATTA is an OGC+PUGC Web3 content protocol. We intend to create the next-generation content ecosystem using a Web3-native model to monetize OGC and PUGC content.

We strive to boost up content creators so that they can continue to generate hit ideas while also increasing their business value.
We provide users with a simple product experience at launch, with three major functions: video streaming, content curation, and an NFT Marketplace. ATTA will be governed by the ATTA DreamMaker DAO and the veToken model.

Video streaming is much more efficient when done on a decentralized platform with a P2P structure. The likelihood of a single stream splitting and becoming scattered is greater in a P2P network. This occurs because the replication rate of video streaming in P2P is higher than in the client-server CDN structure. Both creators and audiences can join the blockchain network without the need for an intermediary.

The content curators autonomously broadcast their content on the network, which is received by the audience after being confirmed and agreed upon by the other nodes. Blockchain-based video streaming enables content curators to gain direct access to earnings generated by the blockchain platform. It also allows content curators to provide videos based on audience demand, where the public only pays for the content they want to see. The blockchain can also be used by content creators to securely encrypt their video storage.

ATTA provides users with a simple product experience at launch, with three major functions: video streaming, content curation, and the NFT Marketplace. Users can stream videos in a Web3 format using the DAO-powered Video streaming platform. The content curation function enables decentralized fundraising as well as content curation for creators. The marketplace is a trading platform for OGC-related NFTs and derivatives.

Content curators can earn revenue from their audience in the form of crypto tokens thanks to blockchain technology. They make money by charging subscribers to their favorite streaming services. In addition, the audience can earn a decent amount of money if they rent their surplus disk space and network bandwidth for archiving and publishing videos. At the protocol level, the subject of ownership will be easily addressed.

ATTA will also retain ownership of the video streamers, which will be in the form of NFTs. People who broadcast video content can also trade it on marketplaces in return for cryptocurrencies. They also protect their video content ownership by tokenizing it on the platform. For creators, the content curation functionality enables decentralized fundraising and content curation. ATTA promotes diversity and equal opportunities for creators. Creators can get feedback from the community by evaluating and voting on the project's ideology, which allows them to improve the content and expand the business potential. ATTA also enables decentralized IP discovery and gem hunting.

For more details:

Website: atta.zone
Telegram: https://t.me/attaofficialeng1
Discord: https://discord.gg/mMqPKAAUWC




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