Roadmap for MatrixETF in Q1/Q2 2022

This article will provide an overview of the interesting deliverables that users can expect from the MatrixETF platform in the first quarter of 2022.

The MatrixETF team made a lot of exciting progress in 2021, and the new year will be no different.
MatrixETF has a dedicated and highly skilled team with extensive experience on blockchain projects such as: solidity/rust smart contract development, writing crypto investment reports, managing operation teams, designing token economic models, and designing product formulation.

The following are the MatrixETF product roadmaps for Q1/Q2 2022:

1. Allowing mutual transactions between ETF component currencies to generate additional handling fee profits for the ETF.

2. Creating a wide range of diverse ETF products with different functions, such as integrating with hedge funds or embedding with other funds.

3. Develop an autonomous rebalancing mechanism for executing automated ETFs Rebalance and evaluate the rebalancing strategy on a weekly or monthly basis.

4. Create the initial dynamic Application Monitoring and Management (AMM) function, such that the ETF, can automatically increase qualified component currency proportions while decreasing unqualified component currency proportions.

5. Complete NFT Blind Box and Matrix NFT functions, as well as the MatrixETF user incentive NFT product.

MatrixETF successfully launched two index products in 2021: the Matrix DeFi Index (MDI), which is based on Ethereum, and the Matrix Solana Index (MSI), which is based on Solana.

You can now invest in a trustworthy collection of Crypto Assets.

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