InvArch Weekly Updates for 12/24/2021

The update for this week is brief possibly due to the teams desire to allow every one have an enjoyable Christmas and Yuletide celebration with their pals and family.

Despite the many improvements and Technological Improvement on the table, like it’s popularly said, “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, the InvArch team saw a need to take a break to re-energize for the new year.

One of the projects on the table is a partnership with a bleeding-edge oracle solution; however, similar to other Partnerships that InvArch has received, any official announcement will be made after the end of InvArch’s seed round has been officially reported. Every announcement has its turn.

The arrival of the new InvArch whitepaper and website is something to look forward to. According to the InvArch team, whitepaper should be available in seven days.

The InvArch team was immensely impressed and grateful to everyone who participated in the project’s $DOT giveaway event on Twitter. The interest and participation was amazing and out of this world. The announcement of a winner have been announced and their Twitter names are listed below:

First: @iLomehn
Second: @Crypto_0_Johny
Third: @EseTeLopez
Fourth: @Darlyy___
Fifth: @irregular_teeo

After Christmas, the InvArch team will begin reaching out and connecting with its community via Twitter to begin gathering every Ambassadors Kusama addresses. This information will be required so that they know where to send the End-of-Year NFTs.
New Ambassadors have been onboarded and announced and they new members of the community are listed below:
@GameOver | @Ирина1986 | @eniitan | @CryptoSpartans | @smart_ruslan | | @crypto_lubov | @Dumitru 86 | @renoip | @zwiftscka | @neelleua132 | @MihailHalbekov | @Blizzard | @Kerry | @Gari | @Alina_ZLV | @DimJn | @Ilona | @Solitudinem | @ElPablo | @Adelinka_0405 | @Bpa4 | @ninyly | @Deb_AK | @Shevaha Diana | @Kseny | @olehmuliar | @netotenot | @Starsky | @Rich2blingz | @her_majesty | @VectorDias | @Julia457 | @Мария250986 | @Eemmiejay | @Ant1Antr | @samest | @OlgaMala | @hyunjong Cho | @2TheMoon ッ | @petrsavoy | @eKizim | @Владимир716 | @Edem, Francis Ime | @CryptoDNA | @Uwakmfon | @Misha1985 | @Sophie1442 | @First | @Fmande | @emeraldbenbela | @Jagwa | @Sanchi | @wealthpictures | @Augustine | @Oligamama6 | @Menorah | @KanishkaTK | @jakechan | @olegush | @Jephthah | @Ernest Oscar | @Wizzfarukk | @bright | @godwinshala | @Queenlargerb | @dappa | @dux | @luchyfrancis | @Eugen | @beger_va | @kravangelika | @Bhadmahn | @Ikenna007 | @oluwabukola | @dja17 | @CryptoForm | @Shubham | @june | @King El | @mattizzy | @Emmavin007 | @Anskid

Join me congratulate them on their successful onboarding.

The InvArch Ambassador Program is rapidly expanding. The new year is bound to bring a slew of energizing changes.
In an Ambassador Announcement delivered a few days prior, the InvArch tem addressed everything from the $VARCH TGE to switching to SubSocial.
You can catch up by reading it via the link below:

To recuperate, the InvArch group has set aside time between December 24th and January 1st for everyone to re-energize and freshen up ahead of the upcoming year. Beside a couple of social media post focused mainly on renumeration and distribution of the end of year NFTs, the InvArch social media channels will experience reduced activities as most colleagues spend time with their friends and family during the Christmas celebrations.
Merry Christmas!




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