Introducing ATTA Metaverse; a Unique Metaverse that includes a marketplace

Every day, humanity moves closer to a world controlled entirely by digital means. We spend half of our time online, our social media profiles are more important to us than our real lives, and we can't imagine our lives without a smartphone. The pandemic of the coronavirus has merely accelerated this process.

Humanity is now ready for a new phase of digital immersion — exploration in the Metaverse — thanks to the advancement of blockchain technologies such as NFT and Web 3.0. And it has the potential to be a watershed moment in human history. Because, once it begins, our virtual lives will take precedence over our physical lives.
Existing social media and blockchain technologies do not enable users to fully exploit the NFT's potential.

ATTA Dream Maker Metaverse is envisioned as a metaverse in which people can make their avatars, discover new things, connect with other users, and trade NFTs. ATTA allows content creators, Metaverse enthusiasts, and venture capitalists to partake in the Metaverse, a megatrend that is shaping the cryptocurrency ecosystem's future. The goal of the project is to develop a metaverse entertainment ecosystem.

Dreamland will provide businesses with advertising and marketing promotion opportunities. DreamLand holders can sell or sublet their space in the very same way that real-world landed premises can be used to set up a business, rent it out, sell it, and even modify it to significantly raise its value.
Brands and influencers will engage and interact with their audiences in novel ways.

Meetings, concerts, virtual catwalk shows, learning classes, and other events can be hosted for a fee or for free by event organizers. Aside from that, the ATTA Metaverse will have its financial system with its cryptocurrency. Users, stakeholders, and brands will be able to flourish in Web 3.0 and encounter the next level of the digital economy as a result.

Dream Land is one of the ATTA Metaverse's main architectural features, and it will represent customized spaces in the Metaverse. ATTA residents will be able to visit Dream Land, attend events, and purchase or create unique entertainment resources within the Dream Maker.

Virtual concerts and events will be held, which companies can support to increase their visibility, and while most organizations' shift to remote work has been fairly smooth, some problems persist. Employees in the Metaverse can get their virtual workspace to hold conferences, work, and collaborate. Users have the option of participating in virtual discussions and brainstorming sessions. Interaction is encouraged in the Metaverse.

Users will be able to socialize, engage with other creators, share ideas, play games, co-create films and videos, develop costumes, and do many different other things in the Metaverse. The virtual platform will not be as interactive as the environment. Users from around the world can participate in global summits and events and meetings, as well as cater to a global audience on the Dream Maker Metaverse.

Creators can also collaborate with friends and idols using the Twitter plugin.

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