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How To Provide Liquidity on Chainpet $CPET using your MetaMask wallet

In a previous article, I explained the importance and benefits of liquidity provision for $CPET on PancakeSwap.

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In this article, I will be explaining the steps to providing liquidity on $CPET.
Chainpet is a play-to-earn game on the BSC chain, that rewards game enthusiasts with $CPET for breeding, training, and battling elves on the chainpet Metaverse.

$CPET holders can earn more by providing liquidity on PancakeSwap via their MetaMask wallet in the following steps:

1. Visit your MetaMask browser: The first step you need to take is to click your menu bar on MetaMask and go to the browser icon.

2. Visit the PancakeSwap website: On the browser page, type in PancakeSwap.finance and click enter. Ensure that the details of the website that you imputed are correct and you’re not redirected to the wrong address as this can lead to loss of funds.

3. Connect your wallet: On the PancakeSwap page, you will see the connect wallet option. Click on the connect wallet icon on PancakeSwap and select MetaMask from the list of wallets that pops up to connect your wallet.

4. Go to the liquidity page: On the PancakeSwap page, you will see the liquidity icon. Click on the liquidity button and you will be redirected to the provisioning page.

5. Select the pair: On PancakeSwap, the available pool is the $CPET/wBNB liquidity pool. So you need to select $CPET and BNB. If $CPET is not on the list of tokens, search by copying and pasting the contract address on the search tab.

6. Input the amount of token you’re providing: To proceed with the transaction, you are required to input the amount of $CPET and BNB you intend to provide. By inputting the amount of $CPET you’re providing, the corresponding amount of BNB needed is automatically input for you. Ensure you have the appropriate amount of each token in your wallet else the transaction will be unsuccessful. Then click on supply.

7. Approve transaction: Approve the transaction by inputting the necessary security credentials and confirming each step. Read through the transaction details to ensure there are no errors. Then, congratulations, you’ve successfully provided liquidity on $CPET.

8. Add Cake-LP to your wallet to track the performance of your pool: Once you confirm the transactions and the transaction shows completed, an option to add Cake-LP to your wallet will pop up. Approve it and it will reflect on your wallet.

ChainPet is a decentralized Play-to-Earn Game in the gamefi space in which players earn rewards from playing and winning games. The rewards make gameplay interesting and enjoyable as game enthusiasts play an entertaining game and still earn in the process. On ChainPet, players can grow their asset base and gain rewards by upgrading, breeding, domesticating, and constantly battling elves, which are acquired as assets.

$CPET is ChainPet's native token, built on the BSC Blockchain, and it governs all participants of the ChainPet Community together.
Contract Address: 0xad326Fd5BC8B962063BA51FF142086b4aa1987ec

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