How to Make an NFT on NFttrade

NFTs can represent virtually any type of digital file, with artists creating NFTs that include images, videos, gifs, audio files, and combinations of all of them. There are also utility NFT tokens, which provide a good or service and have intrinsic value coded into them.

NFTrade is the world's first cross-chain and blockchain-independent NFT platform. We aggregate all NFT marketplaces and host the entire NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to create, buy, sell, swap, farm, and leverage NFTs across multiple blockchains.
Currently, NFTrade charges NO transaction fees.

Follow the steps below to create an NFT on NFT trade:

1. File Upload:
Include a one-of-a-kind image, video, or audio file. JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP4 or MP3 files with a maximum size of 30mb are acceptable.

2. Enter the NFT Name: Give your NFT a unique name.

3. Provide a Description: Describe your NFT to help other users understand what makes it unique.

4. Attributes: List the attributes that represent your NFT (color, shape, mood, etc.)

5. Create Collection: As an NFT trader on NFTtrade, you must first create a collection and then choose which collection your NFT will appear in.

6. Accept the terms and conditions: Click to confirm that you are the owner or have the rights of publication and sale, as well as to accept NFTrade's Terms and Conditions.

7. Mint NFT: Because the process of minting an NFT is irreversible, ensure that all of the details are correct. Check everything, then click CONNECT ACCOUNT. You must authorize the transaction using your wallet. Congratulations. You have successfully minted your first NFT on NFTtrade.


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