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How MatrixETF's unique weighing system protects investors from loss

The cryptomarket is far too complex for a single person to conduct regular analysis. The cryptocurrency market is overly volatile, exposing their customers to a variety of risks. There is room for inconsistency and error with so many Cryptocurrencies and so much data to sieve through. Worse, when trading newcomers attempt to enter the crypto market, the volatility of the crypto market frequently knocks them out, forcing them to nurse their losses.

MatrixETF platform enables both new and experienced investors, financial managers, and businesses to generate decent returns on digital asset markets in a straightforward and confident manner by utilizing a unique weighing system.

The Fundamental and Market Capitalization weighting methods are used by MatrixETF to determine the weighting proportion of each constitutional token. Fundamental weighting accounts for 30% of each basic asset's weighted proportion, while Market Capitalization accounts for 70% of each basic asset's weighted proportion.

The token basket is scrutinized and composed based on market performance, protocol security, token trade risk, community base, market capitalizations, project development trends, Token Economic Model, project development, project market status, technology, and so on.

MatrixETF has successfully launched two index products: the Matrix DeFi Index (MDI) on Ethereum and the Matrix Solana Index (MSI) on Solana.

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