Get Massive CryptoRewards with Wirex X-Tras

3 min readNov 9, 2023

Wirex customers can explore three pricing plans and unlock a realm of futuristic benefits, including up to 20% interest with X-Accounts, up to 16% annual Savings Bonuses, and an impressive up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards. Join Wirex and open the door to a treasure chest filled with cutting-edge benefits that redefine the standard of loyalty rewards in the crypto space.

WXT: Your Key to Limitless Rewards

Discover the power of WXT, Wirex’s native token designed to elevate your rewards. Not only can you buy, exchange, and spend it in the app, but WXT also unlocks supercharged rewards, ensuring you get the most out of your Wirex account.

Cryptoback™: Smarter Shopping with Enhanced Rewards

Shop smarter and earn more crypto with Wirex X-Tras. Receive up to 8% WXT back on every purchase, bringing a new level of sophistication to your shopping experience.

Smart Savings:

Maximize your savings with Wirex X-Accounts, offering up to 20% AER and the flexibility of 10 customizable X-Accounts exclusively for our users. Experience the power of smart savings and grow your wealth effortlessly.

Exclusive Discounts and Merchant Offers:

Save big on your daily expenses with exclusive discounts and merchant offers from your favorite brands. Wirex ensures that your loyalty is rewarded not just in crypto, but in everyday savings as well.

Refer-a-Friend, Grow Your Rewards: Invite friends to join the Wirex community and earn up to $15 worth of WXT each when they deposit $100+ into X-Accounts Plus. Harness the collective power of community growth and reap the rewards together.

Choose Your Plan, Unlock Your Rewards: Standard, Premium, Elite

Tailor your Wirex experience with three distinct plans:

- Standard Plan: Unbeatable rewards with 0.5% Cryptoback™ and up to 9% interest on X-Accounts, all with zero monthly fees.

- Premium Plan: Elevate your rewards for €/£/SG$9.99 a month, unlocking up to 3% Cryptoback™, up to 6% annual Savings Bonus, and up to 16% interest with X-Accounts.

- Elite Plan: Experience VIP treatment for just €/£/SG$29.99 a month, earning up to a massive 8% Cryptoback™ rewards, a 16% annual Savings Bonus, and an unprecedented 20% interest on X-Accounts.

For those seeking the epitome of rewards, Wirex Elite offers the highest levels of Cryptoback™ rewards, Savings Bonuses, and interest with X-Accounts. Lock your WXT for 180 days and reap the benefits of up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards, a 16% annual Savings Bonus, and an unparalleled 20% interest on X-Accounts.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled rewards with Wirex — where the next-gen awaits.





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