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A look back at the DeFiner Team’s accomplishments in 2021

DeFiner is a decentralized lending marketplace that functions as a non-custodial financial institution for digital asset investments, loans, savings, and payments. DeFiner offers a safe platform for borrowing and lending cryptocurrencies via smart contracts on the blockchain, eliminating the need for middlemen.

DeFiner was founded in February 2018 in Minneapolis, MN, as a permissionless DeFi lending protocol that allows users to customize and personalize their lending and borrowing terms in simple and straightforward steps. The platform also ensures that users' anonymity is protected to the greatest extent possible.

DeFiner is backed by Techstars and Microsoft, as well as a number of well-known investor networks such as NexCubed, Techstar, SNZ, and others.

DeFiner is a trailblazer.
The DeFiner team is breaking new ground in innovative DeFi lending. It launched $FIN, its native token, with a total supply of 168,000,000 FIN.

$FIN is a cryptocurrency that has been deployed on Ethereum and OkEx in accordance with the ERC-20 standard and has the contract address:


DeFiner had a fantastic year in 2021, with numerous accomplishments. The team's dedication was evident, and DeFiner CEO Jason Wu was named to the Forbes Next 1000!

The following were among the key accomplishments for 2021:

DeFiner 2.0 is now available:
The DeFiner team proudly announced the phased release of DeFiner 2.0 - a truly permissionless, configurable, and decentralized lending protocol with 100 percent privacy protection.

Among the features of DeFiner 2.0 are the ability for users to create and customize their lending pools, as well as a privacy protection feature that protects users' identities using an encrypted key.

A Collateral Switch: The DeFiner team added the collateral switch option in 2021. The switch aligns with DeFiners' vision of providing true financial freedom to users by expanding their options. Users can now choose whether or not to keep the token as collateral.

Multiple Signature Account: On both the Ethereum and OKEx blockchains, the DeFiner admin account was successfully converted from a savings account to a multiple signature account, ensuring that no single user can complete transactions on the chain without reaching consensus.It also protects the account from the consequences of a single administrator losing their key.

Partnerships: DeFiner collaborated with over 30 partners to expand collaborative service provision for its rapidly growing user community.

Multi-Chain Initiatives: Due to high gas fees on Ethereum, the DeFiner team was able to turn a challenge into an opportunity by transforming the platform into a multichain platform. In 2021, DeFiner successfully joined the OEC and polygon chains, and it is actively working to join other blockchains such as Avalanche, BSC, Harmony, Solana, Near, and others.

Gas Fees was reduced by 50%.
Due to the high number of transactions on the Eth blockchain, gas fees on the Ethereum chain increased in 2021. The situation prompted the DeFiner tech team to review its contract and make changes that resulted in a massive slash of 50% in gas cost for it's Ethereum Users.

Development of the iOS Mobile App: The DeFiner team announced the development of the iOS Mobile App and plans to whitelist testers who will earn $FIN from a pool worth $20000. The iOS app is now available for invite-only testing by members of the community.

Interest Rate Model Optimization: In response to community feedback, the DeFiner team changed its interest rate model from linear to non-linear.

Ambassador program:
DeFiner launched its Ambassador Program in August 2021, and it has since grown to include over 20 ambassadors from various countries around the world.

Sponsorship of a Blockchain Event in the United States: In October 2021, DeFiner sponsored a blockchain-focused event in Minnesota. The event featured US Congressman Tom Emmer, who spoke about the role of government in incubating, protecting and supporting the crypto sector.

NexCubed Demo Day: Chyna, the COO of DeFiner, gave a keynote presentation of DeFiner 2.0 at the NexCubed Spring 2021 Portfolio Showcase in May 2021.

Article on Bitcoin Insider: DeFiner COO Chyna's article on asset tokenization and the global stock market was featured on Bitcoin Insider.

As the new year progresses, the DeFiner community can be confident that the team will deliver more user-focused achievements to improve user experience and provide a trustless, permissionless, and simple interface for DeFi lending.

More information and updates can be found at:

Definer blog post: https://blog.definer.org/definer-yearly-recap-a-look-back-into-2021

Website: www.definer.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeFinerOrg

Telegram: https://t.me/DeFiner

Discord: https://discord.gg/vn8UaeFFHK




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